30 Photoshop Tutorials for All Kinds of Designers

Adobe Photoshop is a leading design software preferred by millions of designers all over the world. With proper knowledge of its tools and features, one can create a whole lot of cool stuff – from web interfaces to surreal landscapes. In today's blog post, we've handpicked a wide range of awesome Photoshop tutorials from all over the web and categorized them for easy picking. Whether you're a newbie or a ninja in Photoshop, we're hoping there's something in here which you can learn from. Enjoy! A. Basics 1. New to Photoshop? Get Started Here! 2. A Comprehensive Introduction to Photoshop Selection Techniques 3. How to Use Photoshop’s Pen Tool 4. A Basic Guide to Photoshop’s 3D Tools 5. Learn the Basics of Photoshop in Under … READ MORE

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What is Graphic Design?

What exactly is graphic design? It is a term that has gotten quite popular in the past couple of years especially with the rise of Internet and technology. A quick Google define-search says: "Graphic design is the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books." Graphic Design Is... While the definition by Google above is correct, I think it's kind of boring and doesn't quite capture what graphic design is all about. A more interesting way of looking at graphic design is problem solving – and being able to create something cool at the same time, too! There are tons of problems all around us. Some can be easily fixed, some requires hard work, and some requires a bit of ingenuity. A famous quote by … READ MORE


Fan Art Collection: SHERLOCK

The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards just aired this week and today we've decided to feature a collection of fan arts from one of the shows that were a recipient of the awards: Sherlock. Well technically, it was Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman who actually won the awards (Outstanding Lead Actor and Supporting Actor, Miniseries, Movie) and not the show, but we can all agree it's still counted as a team win. While Breaking Bad was the bigger show that night, they've already had enough spotlight it won't hurt to delegate some of it to the other guys. And with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman bringing a lot to look forward to for us in the near future, Sherlock is a sound feature for this blog's first Fan Art Collection. Enjoy! PS: … READ MORE

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