20 Design-Filled Instagram Accounts to Follow for Graphic Designers

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Instagram has come a long way since it first launched last October 2010. With over 300 million active monthly users, the cool mobile app has evolved from just being your lunch-and-cats photo app, into a formidable marketing vehicle for businesses, small and big alike.

Some designers have turned their Instagram accounts into catalogued portfolios of their professional work, easily reaching thousands of fans – and potential clients – with each new update. It has become a medium for marketing and networking, but at the same time it is also a place where they can interact with their fans.

If you have an Instagram account yourself (I bet you do!), here are 20 Instagram accounts to follow for graphic designers so you can infuse some creativity in your feed. From typographers to creative marketers, there’s something in here for everyone to draw inspiration from.

1. Luke Choice – @velvetspectrum

velvet spectrumVelvet Spectrum is the creative home for Australian designer Luke Choice who is now residing in New York City. His Instagram account shows unique, playful aesthetic, that covers multiple facets of design, illustration and typography.

2. Pavlov Visuals – @pavlovvisuals

pavlo-visualsPavlov Visuals is a global creative firm based in the US and Amsterdam founded by twin brothers / design gurus, Ryan and Calvin Sprague, with longtime friend, Josh Lacey. Their Instagram page is filled with various designs ranging from typography, geometric illustrations, and vibrant vector work.

3. Jacob Eisinger – @yippiehey

yippieheyJacob Eisinger is a german designer and illustrator who specialises in 3D illustration. His Instagram page is filled with modern designs and the occasional photo-from-life with relaxed and laid back captions by the designer.

4. Hey Studio – @every_hey

every_hey.ongHey is a graphic design studio based in Barcelona, Spain. As a creative agency, they provide your usual graphic design services. Their Instagram page however, only showcases minimalistic and creative vector illustration of figures from every pop culture media.

5. June Digan – @junedigann

June-DiganJune Digan is a typographer/letterer from the Philippines. Her style is quite unique as she uses modern styling of artwork usually seen in digital media, but executed with traditional materials made up of brushes and colored pencils. She has a very lovely workspace too.

6. Neil Stevens – @neil_a_stevens

Neil-StevensNeil Stevens designs print posters using his creative style of typography and creative illustrations. With his bold choice of color swatches, his poster designs look real eye catching especially when hung against a wall.

7. Jessica Walsh – @jessicavwalsh

Jessica-WalshJessica Walsh is a talented Art director, designer and partner at Sagmeister & Walsh. Her Instagram account is filled with awesome designs which are usually glimpses or finished results of what they are currently working on at the agency.

8. Mister Doodle @misterdoodle

misterdoodleMister Doodle’s Instagram page is filled with a lovely collection of hand-lettered quotes displayed against some abstract photo. His very distinct and consistent style makes his Instagram account a neat go-to place for typography fans.

9. Steven Harrington – @s_harrington

Steven-HarringtonCited as the leader of a contemporary Californian psychedelic-pop aesthetic, Los Angeles–based artist and designer Steven Harrington is best known for his bright, iconic style that encourages a two-way conversation between the artist and viewer.

10. Micah Not Found – @micahnotfound

micahnotfound@Micahnotfound’s Instagram account is probably one of the most unique designer accounts out there, utilizing vibrant designs which by themselves look somewhat abstract, but when viewed together form a bigger artwork that’s best viewed through your mobile device.

11. Justin Maller – @justinmaller

justin-mallerJustin Maller is both a vector illustrator and a 3D artist. You will see both disciplines in awesome display in his Instagram account where his illustrations are bold and a lot of fun to look at, while his 3D creations are quizzical and quite thought-provoking.

12. MAZTRONE – @maztrone

maztroneMAZTRONE is a typographer and illustrator with cool pieces of design work, featuring designs in both flat and 3D styling, with a very modern yet vintage feel to it.

13. Type Gang @type.gang

type-gangType Gang is not an artist, but rather a curator that showcases handpicked typographic designs from talented Instagram artists from all over the world. If you’re into typography art, this is one account that’s filled with inspiration and good-taste design.

14. Logo Inpirations – @logoinspirations

logo-inspirationsAnother Instagram account that curates logo designs, Logo Inspirations is your one-stop shop for well, logo inspirations accessible via Instagram. They have new entries daily.

15. Dudi Ben Simon – @dudibensimon

dudibensimonDudi Ben Simon is an art director that uses photography and typical daily objects to create eerie and thought-provoking artworks. His Instagram page simply draws you into his odd world leaving you scrolling down for more of his creations.

16. Ryan Bosse – @rdbosse

rdbosseRyan Bosse is a talented designer working in the fields of branding, packaging and illustrations. His account features his snazzy creations along with captures of his daily life when he’s not creating awesome design work.

17. Mike Perry – @mikeperrystudio

mykeperrystudioMike Perry’s Instagram page is littered with his fun and quirky creations that focuses on doodle and print. His particular style is simply filled with vibrant colors and energy which you can feel right away when you open his page.

18. Lauren Hom – @homsweethom

homsweethom-lauren-homLauren Hom is a talented letterer/typography who has a lovely and distinct style consistent in her work. What makes her a fun designer is that aside from her beautiful handwritten style, she quotes some witty lines to go with her design every now and then.

19. Daily Dishonesty – @dailydishonesty

dailydishonestyDaily Dishonesty is another account ran by Lauren Hom. In this account, she goes all out with witty dishonesties we all can relate to. Presented in her classy style of writing, the irony – or sarcasm – simply cannot be missed.

20. Ornamental Conifer @ornamentalconifer

ornamentalconiferOrnamental Conifer is a studio that focuses on typography and print-designs. Their prints range from print-screen posters to textile printing on jackets, skateboards, and many other daily objects, all done by hand. Their art has a very strong personality which you can gather right away when you view their creations.