About Us

The Design Cereal is exactly what our tagline is: Your ready-to-eat digest on all things graphic design. Design is our passion and we aspire to deliver cool and tasty content that caters to the appetite of creative individuals, from inspirations to tutorials and trends. If graphic design is your choice of digest, then The Design Cereal is your one-stop-shop to get your fix.

Here at TDC, we are also aspiring to build and support a creative community – our little TDC Breakfast Club – where we can share the best and latest. One of the most basic means by which we do this is through our Tasty Designs feature post.  By tweeting and using a simple hashtag, we curate and feature cool creations all over the internet every week. If you want to put your work or someone’s else’s awesome work in front of a community, this is one of the best ways to do it.

The Founder
Eli Alcaraz -- Founder of The Design CerealHi there! My name is Eli and I founded this blog last August 2014. Being a common designer, I scour the internet to learn new tricks and techniques to help me with my trade. I understand there are a lot of other aspiring designers out there who need all the help they can get; I would know, I also went through that and am continuously learning. This is one platform where I can contribute and share my knowledge and new discoveries, and simply just give back to the creative community.
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