BLOKK: A New Font for Dummy Text in Wireframes

Eli Freelancing, Graphic Design Leave a Comment

When designing web mockups and wireframes for clients, we usually place Lorem Ipsum text where actual content will later be typed in. These are just dummy texts that are not supposed to mean anything but is quite effective because they have a more-or-less normal distribution of letters. They are better used than actual readable content which tends to distract the client from what we want them to look at, which is the overall layout, rather than the text.

Some clients though find it hard to look beyond the dummy text and give them more attention than they really should, which is why a Norway-based advertising agency called Dinamo created a nifty, little font which turns your dummy texts into text blocks, and conveniently called it: Blokk.

You can download the font from its website here.

I downloaded the font and installed it on my Macbook and then tried it on some website templates from my resource folder. Inside Photoshop, I turned on the layer filters to show only the text layers, selected everything and changed the typeface to Blokk. I had to snip some texts and change some of the line height a bit to make everything fit. That’s totally fine though because they’re after all just dummy texts. The ones I have below already have a bit of design skin over them, so some design elements dependent on typography has been lost. But remember, Blokk font is best used for wireframes and simple quick mockups, as explicitly stated in their website.

Overall, I think it’s a cool, nifty font to include in your arsenal.

Blokk font demo-4