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10 Creative Posters of Excerpts from Clients from Hell

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Every once in a while, designers run into peculiar clients with peculiar needs whose requests range from the absurd to the downright ridiculous. And designers just can’t help but be dumbfounded when this happens, because really, how do you tell your client what he’s asking for is completely inapplicable, ludicrous, or insane? So most of them just share their encounter online and make a laugh out of it. Collect enough of such incidents and you’ve got yourself a goldmine chockfull of jokes about clients and bosses. And who doesn’t love jokes about their bosses?

That’s how Clients from Hell was conceived. They let designers submit their funny stories anonymously in a fun, script-like format between client and designer. At the moment, they already have more than 300 pages of these silly conversations every designer could definitely relate to.

In this article, we took 10 funny excerpts from the website and turned them into designer posters poking fun at the occasional client. Take a look and see if you’ve had similar experiences. And if you happen to enjoy this article, you can find more at clientsfromhell.net.

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