[INFOGRAPHIC] Typography 101: Learn the Basics

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Type is one of the most important aspects of graphic design. Sometimes, it is the only aspect needed to make a design work. Whether you’re designing for the web or for print, having a basic knowledge of typography can help you lay out your texts in a pleasing and easy-to-read manner. It could also have a direct impact on your design work that will not only make it pop, but would also improve upon the experience of your user.

Just imagine going to a website and reading through long lines of text with terrible typeface choice (*cough cough yellow comic sans against blue background cough cough*) and not enough leading, your eyes are gonna hurt you’ll want to hit that x button right away and be rid of it.

Now this might be an exaggerated scenario, (although there are still existing websites like those, such as this), but knowing the basics of typography definitely won’t hurt and in fact would be good knowledge to have in your arsenal of design skills. Check out the infographic below for the most basic typography knowledge.

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