Apple Watch Icon Template

The Apple Watch Icon Template

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Last March 9, 2015, Apple hosted another live event showcasing their latest product – the Apple Watch. While this is another reason for fan boys to rejoice and let loose their cash, we all know what this means for designers and developers out there: third party apps. (Yay!)

The Apple Watch Icon Template

To start, danish designer Michael Flarup created the Apple Watch icon template where you can start building off your custom designs. What makes this template awesome is the absolute convenience it gives us designers. By making use of nested layers and smart objects, you could focus on creating your design which the template would then replicate on all the other significant sizes and mockups that come along with the template.

Here’s how the PSD template looks like with my test design on the varying sizes and mockups. The template automatically replicated so that it shows in all those important sizes and mockups.

Apple Watch Icon Template Mockup

The Photoshop Action File

Apple Watch Icon Template-action screenshotThe download pack also comes with a Photoshop Action file which you can then use once you’re done with your design. What this does is it automatically exports your design complete with all the varying sizes into either rounded or straight corners. The straight corners would be for Apple who only receive square icons, while the rounded corners can be used for more mockup designs.


You can download the Apple Watch Icon Template here.

Also, check out Michael’s video on how to use his templates:

Lastly, here’s what the license terms from his about page state in case you’re curious to know:

The purpose of these templates is to help you create awesome icons, so everything you create with the templates are completely royalty free. All I ask is that you don’t redistribute the templates itself.

There you go, download the template and enjoy!