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The Best of UI Movement

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UI Movement is fresh new website that collects the best UI inspiration from designers all over the world on a daily basis. Whether they’re actual, executed design, or just playful concepts, they’re undeniably fun and inspiring to look at, especially those which are in GIF formats, as you get a glimpse of the user experience as well when they’re actually in play.

If you’re a big fan of UI and UX design, UI Movement is definitely one of the go-to places for inspiration. It’s a very recent site, with the infinite scrolling stopping at a post from July. Nonetheless, the site definitely has promise. More and more designs are being added daily, with the quality consistently maintained.

Also, you have the option to opt-in to their subscription program and get fresh UI inspirations delivered to your inbox daily. You can even submit your own designs after you’ve registered an account if you’re keen to share your creations.

For this post, we’ll be sharing some of the nicest-looking designs featured on the site. If you enjoy them, head over there to gawk at more.

Calendar App

calendar app UI

Dynamic Buttons

dynamic buttons

Dynamic Scrolling

dynamic scrolling UI

Boiled Egg Timer

egg timer app

Single-Field Registration Form

form submit UI

Login Animation

login UI

Interactive Email Sending

mail animation

Map App

map app UI

Animated Landing Page

now landing page

Live Text Interpretation and Display

live text app

Animated Send Button

Submit form

Shiny Hover Button

shiny animated button

Shopping Filter UI

shopping filter UI

Time App

time UI

Dynamic Timeline

timeline UI

Workout App

Work out app

Ticket Booking and Payment